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Iceland Non-Rev Guide

Although the natural wonders of Iceland seem otherworldly, the island in the North Atlantic is closer than you might think. The relatively short flight and versatility of sights make it an enjoyable non-rev trip for any window of time. Take a weekend to explore the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavík, and the Golden Circle, or spend up to a couple weeks circumnavigating the country via the Ring Road. Surpassing one million visitors in 2015, tourism in Iceland is taking off and airlines have added capacity to keep up.

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When In Iceland

Just as the loads can change in an instant, the plan for a standby trip can evolve into something vastly different. This weighed on my mind as I walked up to the Icelandair counter in MSP to check in for my ZED standby listing. PBS awarded some unexpected time off (this happens when you’re senior) and after stumbling upon Akureyri, North Iceland on the top of Lonely Planet’s list of “up-and-coming destinations demanding our attention,” I was immediately intrigued.

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