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Taking My Dad For a Ride: Flying Standby to Zion National Park

Flying standby can be magical, but there are many hard lessons on the path to becoming a wizard. Using pass travel frequently, I’ve learned to be spontaneous and relaxed under stress and chaos. My father, on the other hand, is a travel muggle. Sure, he’s traveled plenty, but he’s used to the predictability of flying confirmed. So… Read More »

Budget Guide to NYC Airport Transfers

With three major airports, there are plenty of ways to non-rev into New York City. Don’t let the taxi ride into town break the bank! NYC’s public transportation can seem like a maze, but it runs frequently 24/7 and can even be faster, especially during rush hour traffic. Use this guide to save some money… Read More »

Hawaii Non-Rev Guide

Honolulu is the main thoroughfare in and out of Hawaii. It’s home to the biggest airport on the islands with the most flights and unfortunately, the worst loads. After hearing some horror stories about non-revving through HNL, I opted to skip Oahu. I found open flights with fewer standbys from the US mainland to the… Read More »

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