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How to Check Loads on MyIDTravel

Like it or not, you will have to use MyIDTravel in order to purchase ZED tickets. While the basic functions are self-explanatory, checking loads for your flight on MyIDTravel is far from intuitive. Look beyond the smiley faces and use this guide to learn how to check loads accurately using MyIDTravel. Checking Loads on MyIDTravel… Read More »

Non-Rev Trip Planning for Beginners

My name is Josh and I’m an employee for a large airline in the US. Working in the airline industry provides a unique opportunity to travel the world on standby for a significantly reduced cost, as long as you’re prepared, flexible, and a little lucky. After years of non-rev trip planning and traveling, I created… Read More »

How To Connect in Amsterdam

Like many non-revs, I got my feet wet with non-stop international trips like London and Paris. Now with more experience, I prefer flying past the marquee hubs to explore the more off-beat destinations. I’ve found the reward of discovering fascinating new places outweighs the challenges of international stopovers and connecting on foreign airlines. And after… Read More »

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