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Flying In Style: Pass Travel Dress Code Around the World

On Sunday morning, United Airlines denied boarding to two young girls on standby passes for wearing leggings. A third girl cleared for the flight from Denver to Minneapolis-St. Paul after changing into a dress. Now, the company is in hot water after the incident spilled over onto Twitter. United’s Pass Travel Dress Code By failing to prominently mention the […]

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American Airlines Standby Boarding Priority

Where do you stack up against other non-revenue pass riders while flying standby on American Airlines flights? Find your group in the prioritized list below. Be sure to check in for your flight as early as possible, as priority within groups is determined by time of check in. D1 – Eligible employees using allotted passes D2 […]

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Simple Tips for Better Smartphone Snaps

I am deathly afraid of checking my bag on a non-rev trip. So while I enjoy photography, I never take a proper camera with me on trips. Space comes at a premium in my carry-on, and cameras take up a lot of it. Over the years of taking pictures on my iPhone, I’ve learned a […]

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