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How to Check Loads on MyIDTravel

Like it or not, you will have to use MyIDTravel in order to purchase ZED tickets. While the basic functions are self-explanatory, checking loads for your flight on MyIDTravel is far from intuitive. Look beyond the smiley faces and use this guide to learn how to check loads accurately using MyIDTravel. Checking Loads on MyIDTravel… Read More »

American Airlines Standby Boarding Priority

Where do you stack up against other non-revenue pass riders while flying standby on American Airlines flights? Find your group in the prioritized list below. Be sure to check in for your flight as early as possible, as priority within groups is determined by time of check in. D1 – Eligible employees using allotted passes D2… Read More »

How To Use Flying Together

Flying Together is the application used by non-revs to view flight availability and create listings for United flights. When traveling standby on United benefits, understanding the ins and outs of the program is paramount to the success of your trip. All of the features are integrated into the desktop version. On mobile, you will want to use a combination… Read More »

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