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American Airlines Standby Boarding Priority

Where do you stack up against other non-revenue pass riders while flying standby on American Airlines flights? Find your group in the prioritized list below. Be sure to check in for your flight as early as possible, as priority within groups is determined by time of check in. D1 – Eligible employees using allotted passes D2 […]

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Where To Fly Standby in March

It’s SPRING BREAK!!! As students and their families descend on the nation’s airports this month, savvy standbyers wanting a spring break of their own need to think outside the box. Here are some offbeat destinations to try.

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Taking My Dad For a Ride: Flying Standby to Zion National Park

Flying standby can be magical, but there are many hard lessons on the path to becoming a wizard. Using pass travel frequently, I’ve learned to be spontaneous and relaxed under stress and chaos. My father, on the other hand, is a travel muggle. Sure, he’s traveled plenty, but he’s used to the predictability of flying confirmed. So […]

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